The ecological situation in Latvia is really favourable. A regular ecological monitoring is carried out in this state. In 2012 Latvia was indexed as the second on the list of ecological activity, showing that it is one of the ecologically cleanest states in Europe and its timber is an eco-product.

The factor of unpolluted environment for LIGNAU is utterly essential, and we would like you to consider it to be essential for yourselves as well!

The cohesive substances used in LIGNAU production are harmless. The products of LIGNAU are processed with plant-based oils and they meet the requirements of the highest environmental and ecology standards. The building chemicals used in the production and offered for sale are tested in Europe and makes up a product not containing dissolvents, with low emission, which is not the cheapest offer on the market, but it will be harmless both to the inlayer and the costumer. It is important to know that staying in the rooms where nature-based raw materials have been used, and heating such places no harmful substances are educed, and this product does not do any harm to the man or the environment. We also offer a line of anti-allergic oils and detergent products for people with high sensitivity or for spaces mostly used by little children.

LIGNAU products are made of solid wood, which is environmentally friendly. They are long lasting, light and easily renovated or renewed several times, being a powerfully influential factor when production resources are being used sensibly. While reconstructing buildings, solid wood products can be dismantled and used repeatedly. Also, this process of liquidation the construction is not complicated and it does not pollute the environment.

We save natural resources, fully working up the timber, and we protect the nature completing the supplies of your order, thus, minimizing transport emissions.