CARBO PUR11 1-component Polyurethan parquet adhesive, 1K-PU, solventfree, 15kg


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Item no. PA-CP11K1-15
Application for parquet and wooden floors
Type single component PU
Manufacturer Minova CarboTech
Weight kg 15



Minova CarboTech adhesives facilitate rapid, secure working. They meet the highest performance requirements of craftsmanship. They are suitable for
swell-resistant laying of woods that make high demands on adhesive technique, as well as for PVC and rubber facings. On both absorbent and non-absorbent underlays.

CARBO PUR11 single component polyurethane adhesive

Manufactured: Minova CarboTech (Germany)

EMICODE: ECR1 (low emissions)

This 1-component PU parquet adhesive conforming to DIN281 is suitable for laterally resistant laying of engeneered flooring, multilayer parquet, solid parquet, mosaic parquet, lamparquet, vertically lamella parquet, exotic parquet and solid wood flooring.

For all parquet adhesives:

the underlay and the environmental conditions must conform to requirements of DIN 18356. Underlays must absorb well, remain dry, and be firm, even, free of cracks, impurities and adhesionhibiting substances. The underlay must be pressure resistant and firmly locking, with a firm surface, must remain dry, even, clean and free of separating agents, sinter layers etc.,

Concrete subfloor with integrated heating has to be primed with CARBO P Grund 10 primer (LIGNAU item no. PGR-1KCA-6).

Technical Details:

Raw material: PU

Inlaying time: 45 min.

Draying time: 48 h

Application with: Notched trowel TKB B3/ B11

Comsumption: 900 - 1800 g/m²

Container: 15 kg

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