Ciranova Aquafix Sealer, 1 liter


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Price29.60 €/pcs.
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Item no. CI-ASE-1
Volume 1 liter
Application for parquet floors
Manufacturer Ciranova



Technical information

Product description

Ready-for-use, waterbased primer for parquet floors. High elasticity and environment-friendly. Suitable for difficult surfaces like parquet floors with floor heating. Minimises the roughness of fibres.

Application method

First sand the wood with grain 120 - 150 and afterwards remove sanding dust. Stir Aquafix Sealer well before use. Apply plentiful with a roller. Afterwards Aquafix Mono, Aquafix Magic 2K or Aquafix Project 2K can be used as topcoat without sanding in between.


One coat, consumption 10 – 12 m2/l.

Drying time

Dry after 2-3 hours. The drying times are dependent on the quantity which is applied, the temperature, the air humidity and the ventilation. Thick layers and high air humidity disadvantage the time. The drying time is promoted through a higher temperature and good ventilation.


Finished with Aquafix Mono and Aquafix Project 2K Ciranova®. It’s not advisable to pour the product on the ground. Use directly from package. Do not use at temperature below 15°C.

Safety advice

Use only stainless steel material. Clean always all material immediately after use. Aquafix Sealer is not frost-durable and must be transported and stocked above the 5° C. This product can not be poured in the sewer.

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