Ciranova Wax Remover, 1 liter


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Price14.40 €/pcs.
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Item no. CI-WR-1
Type interior
Manufacturer Ciranova
Volume 1 liter
Application for waxed surfaces



Technical information

Product description

Cleans and removes old layers of wax polish.

Application method

Put some wax remover on a cloth and wipe over the old wax layers. With several layers, you must repeat this action. After applying, the wood surface receives a flat outsight.


It depends of the amount of layers you must remove. About 5 m2/l.

Drying time

By room temperature: 30 minutes. After one hour you can wax again.


You can use it immediately on the surface.

Safety advice

This product is a solvent, highly flammable, so read the label. All remainders are chemical waste.

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