Livos TRENA pH-Neutral Cleaner № 556, 0.25 liters


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Item no. TR-556-0,25
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Livos TRENA pH-Neutral Cleaner № 556

A mild and effective cleaner for cleaning oiled, waxed, stained, painted or varnished surfaces such as floors and furniture. Is biodegradable, highly concentrated and very economical. Phosphate, soap, formaldehyde and solvent free. Is suitable for the allergy-prone because it has no smell nor essential oils.

Suitable for: The cleaning of all surfaces in the household, except untreated wooden surfaces.

Technical qualities: Highly concentrated and very economical. Phosphate, soap, formaldehyde and solvent free,pH-neutral and skin-friendly

Full declaration: Water, Reetha (soapnut) extract, sugar fatty acid condensate, bergamot oil, citric acid and Parmetol® MBX (valid from
batch number #18009)

Application method: Add a maximum of 10 ml (1 tablespoon) of TRENA in 10 lt of water and clean with a damp, but not wet mop or cloth.

Specific gravity: Approximately 0.99 g/ml

Important tips: Contains limonene. Can cause allergic reactions. For a new shine and floor maintenance, use GLANOS NaturalLiquid Wax Cleaner No.559 instead of TRENA in every 4th or 5 th cleaning.The natural raw materials might cause precipitation, but this
does not affect the quality of the product. When the concentration is too high, it can lead to a matt or rough surface.

Keep out of the reach of children!

Storage: Cool and dry. Once opened, use the product up within one year.

Packaging: Made of polyethylene (PE). This material is ground water neutral and recyclable




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