Ciranova Oil Refresh, 0.4 liters


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Price16.50 €/pcs.
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Item no. CI-OS-0.4
Type interior
Colour clear
Volume 0.4 liters
Application for oiled surfaces



Technical information

Product description

Universal maintenance system for oiled wooden floors. For the maintenance of floors treated with flooring oil and UV-oil. Oil Refresh Ciranova® protects your parquet floor against water and your wood gets a natural view.

Application method

Clean the floor or furniture with a wet cloth. Treat heavy dirt with Intensive Cleaner Ciranova®. Shake bottle well before use. Apply Oil Refresh Ciranova very thin and evenly. Let the oil impregnate a few minutes. Afterwards sweep the surface with a dry and non fluffy cloth.


50 m2/l for the maintenance of already threatened wooden floors.

Drying time

Do not charge for the first 12 hours. The optimal hardness is reached after 48 hours. Don’t use any water or maintenance products during this period.


It’s recommended to treat each form of damage with Oil Refreh Ciranova®.

Safety advice

Used cloths need to be thrown into water after use, to increase flammability. The presence of linseed oil in the system causes this measure.

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