Ciranova Hard Floor Polish, finish matte, 0.75 liters


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Price25.70 €/pcs.
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Item no. CI-FP-M-0.75
Type interior
Manufacturer Ciranova
Volume 0.75 liters
Application for varnished surfaces



Technical information

Product description

A waterborne environmental friendly protective refresher for varnished or lacquered wooden floors and parquet floors. Prevents the floor of early abrasion.

Application method

Make the floor dust-free. Pour some Hard Floor Polish on the floor. Spread it out with a clean, non-fluffing cloth or mop and finish it in strokes in the direction of the grain of the wood floor. Clean floor completely, otherwise uneven sheen will occur.


Applying quantity 80 m2/l.

Drying time

1 hour at room temperature.


When the general aspect of the floor starts to dull, apply a new coat of Hard Floor Polish. After 5 to 10 coats it is better to remove the coats Hard Floor Polish with Hard Floor Cleaner and start over.

Safety advice

Keep out of the reach of children. Do not mix with other cleaning products. If swallowed, seek for medical advice immediately and show this container or label.

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