Livos Parquet Oil Refresher Nr.1899-002 colorless, 0.25 liter


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Item no. PEI-025
Type interior
Manufacturer Livos
Application for oiled surfaces



Livos Parquet Refresher Nr.1899-002 colorless


Interior use. For parquet floors and stairs treated with Livos oils.


Linseed oil, Linseed stand oil rosin ester, Ricin oil- linseed oil with alkyd resin– wood oil– stand Oil, highly transparent iron oxides, titanium dioxide, natural resin glycerol ester, linseed stand oil, orange oil, Isoaliphates, silicic acid, micronized wax, zinc carbonate, pine oil, rosemary oil, dehydrated amino sugar and lead-free drying agents (Ca, Co, Mn, Zr)


Apply two coats with a soft cloth or with a polishing machine and buffing pad at a temperature above 12 ° С.

Material consumption:

It is recomended to take a material consumption test before use, to determine the amount required

1st coat: 1 l covers approximately 65 m², i.e. 15 g / m².
2nd coat: 1 l covers approximately 125 m², i.e. 8 g / m².

1 liter is sufficient for about 50 m² of two coats.

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