Solid Oak flooring, 20x120 x 500-2400 mm, Rustic grade, planed, without bevel


30.00 €

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Price30.00 €/m²
Stock amount
Item no. FW-OA20120-R-P
Grade Rustic
Thickness mm 20
Width mm 120
Length mm 500-2400
Surface planed
Finishing unfinished
Colour light
Edges without bevel
Weight kg 14.4
Delivery time 2-3 weeks
Wood species Oak



Solid Oak flooring - Parquet - Solidwood - Oak

Thickness: 20 mm
Width: 120 mm
Falling (different) lengths: 500 - 2400 mm

Profile: without bevel, tong & groove 4-sides

Moisture content: 9 - 11%

Surface: planed, unfinished

Grade: Rustic

Wood with diverse variations in tone and texture. Typically, this grade has small bark growths, cracks and knots with cracks and holes, which are filled. The visible part is without sapwood.


- with parquet adhesive on smooth concrete, OSB, particle boards or plywood

- with parquet adhesive to flat, free from paint or varnish, old wooden flooring. Direction of the new boards must not be the same as the old ones

- with flooring screws to OSB, particle boards, plywood or to flat old wooden flooring. Direction of the new boards must not be the same as the old ones


Solid wood flooring must be glued or screwed down and fixed to the subfloor!

Installing on heated subfloor:

Installing is possible on heated subfloor, which is embedded in concrete. Concrete subfloor with integrated heating temperature must not exceed 28C°.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Flooring needs to be maintained with products intended for wood surfaces. We recommend LIVOS for oiled floors: For cleaning - pH Neutral Cleaner TRENA No.556, for maintenance - every 4th to 5th cleaning a wax containing GLANOS Cleaner No. 559 and for renewal - Livos Parquet Oil Refresher Nr.1899-002.

Exploitation: relative humidity indoors must be 45-60%.

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