Solid Ash Hardwood stair treads, two-fold glued, continuous lamella, thickness 40 mm, Rustic grade, oiled in colour Graphit


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Price37.90 €/pcs.
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Item no. ST-AS40-R-FS-GR
Wood species Ash
Grade Rustic
Thickness mm 40
Surface filled and pre-sanded
Finishing oiled in colour Graphite
Structure 2x20 mm
Lamellas continuous
Weight kg 6.90
Delivery time 2-3 weeks



Solid Ash Hardwood stair treads

Thickness: 40 mm

Surface: filled, pre-sanded, oiled in colour Graphite

Profile: all longitudinal edges rounded (radius 5 mm)

Moisture content: 9 - 11%

Grade: Rustic

Wood with diverse variations in tone and texture. Typically, this grade has variety of knot sizes, knots with cracks and holes, which are filled, also this grade has small bark growths.

Structure: two panels (2x20mm) glued together in thickness, continuous lamella


- to the wooden or steel construction, also attach stair treads at notch board;

- glue down on complete old step or complete concrete base.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Solid wood stair treds needs to be maintained with products intended for wood surfaces. We recommend LIVOS for oiled floors: For cleaning - pH Neutral Cleaner TRENA No.556, for maintenance - every 4th to 5th cleaning a wax containing GLANOS Cleaner No. 559 and for renewal - Livos Parquet Oil Refresher Nr.1899-002.

Exploitation: relative humidity indoors must be 45-60%.

Custom size stair treads:
If you require custom size stair treads, please contact us, including a drawing for required stair treads. Drawing should include: lengths of all sides, sizes of all angles, specified front edge.

Prices are shown for standard sizes. If you require custom size, order next standard size. Then, at the checkout, in notes field specify your required size.

If you require non-standard size steps, please, send your request via “Question on item”.

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