Solid Baltic Birch Hardwood window sill, 20 mm, with overhang, continuous lamella, Rustic grade, unfinished


24.75 €

Width mm:
Length mm:
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Price24.75 €/pcs.
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Item no. WS-BI20-R-FS
Thickness mm 20
Grade Rustic
Surface filled and pre-sanded
Finishing unfinished
Structure solid
Wood species Birch
Colour light
Weight kg 3.2
Delivery time 2-3 weeks
Lamellas continuous



Solid Birch Hardwood window sill

Thickness: 20 mm

Surface: filled and pre-sanded, unfinished

Profile: side and rear edges sharp, front longitudinal edge rounded (radius 5 mm). With overhang 20mm. Front 40mm

Moisture content: 9 - 11%

Grade: Rustic

Wood with diverse variations in tone and texture. Typically, this grade has variety of light and dark knot sizes, heartwood colouring and heartwood cracks, which are filled.

Structure: glued together in width, continuous lamella

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Solid window sill needs to be maintained with products intended for wood surfaces. We recommend LIVOS for oiled floors: For cleaning - pH Neutral Cleaner TRENA No.556, for maintenance - every 4th to 5th cleaning a wax containing GLANOS Cleaner No. 559 and for renewal - Livos Parquet Oil Refresher Nr.1899-002.

Exploitation: relative humidity indoors must be 45-60%.

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