These General Sales and Purchase Conditions (henceforward referred to as “the Conditions”) are designed to explain how goods will be offered, sold and delivered by Limited Liability Company “LIGNAU” (henceforward referred to as “LIGNAU,” SIA).


1.1. These Conditions shall refer to all offers, purchase / sales agreements etc. Additional conditions shall be valid only if and after approved by “LIGNAU,” SIA in writing. The matters that are not regulated by these Conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the law effective in the Republic of Latvia and the related EU directives. 

1.2. Upon making an electronic purchase order, the Buyer shall agree that these Conditions only regulate purchases of the products of “LIGNAU,” SIA.
1.3. Description of goods “LIGNAU,” SIA sells is available on the company’s internet store which should be the main source of information about the products “LIGNAU,” SIA sells.
1.4. Latvian law and regulations as well as directives and regulations of the European Union shall govern all transaction between “LIGNAU,” SIA and its Clients. However, contracts with Clients (End Consumers) should allow applying the law of their jurisdiction as well.
1.5. “LIGNAU,” SIA specializes in manufacturing, selling and supplying timber products and related goods. “LIGNAU,” SIA does not specialize in further processing timber materials, their mounting, installing and/or similar services. Therefore, “LIGNAU,” SIA will not recognize any complaints regarding poor quality of work or slight negligence. If any such complaints arise, they shall be addressed to the service provider that performed the unsatisfactory work with the timber “LIGNAU,” SIA supplied.
1.6. These Terms and Conditions refer to all and any confirmed purchases, orders and offers. In the event the Conditions of “LIGNAU,” SIA contradict with any condition of its Client, the Conditions of “LIGNAU,” SIA shall supersede.
1.7. Prices of products that “LIGNAU,” SIA manufactures and offers on the internet may differ store by store and site by site. No sales point shall be responsible for the price the Client has paid at another sales point.
1.8. Sales prices are only effective in the internet store that has published the respective sales price.



2.1.1. A Client can make a purchase through the internet store
2.1.2. The purchase shall be deemed effective after both parties have confirmed it.
2.1.3. It will be regarded that the Client has confirmed the purchase order upon completion of a purchase order online. Each Client shall be solely responsible for providing accurate information.
2.1.4. “LIGNAU,” SIA will confirm purchase orders from its Clients no later than during the following business day. The Client will receive a confirmation of his or her purchase order by e-mail.
2.1.5. The Client will have an opportunity to change the purchase order by making a phone call or sending an e-mail within 24 hours from the receipt of the confirmation of his or her purchase order by e-mail.


2.2.1. A Client can place a purchase order by e-mail, through an online form or by phone. The purchase order will be effective after both parties have confirmed it.
2.2.2. The Client will receive a confirmation of his or her purchase within two days by e-mail.
2.2.3. Confirmations of purchase orders in which the client requests that the product has specific measures, surface finishing, tints, profiles or other properties that are not offered on internet store or other internet sites selling “LIGNAU,” SIA products will be e-mailed to the Client within three business days.
2.2.4. Unless the Client has made any changes to his or her purchase order or cancelled it within 24 hours, it will be assumed that the contract has come into effect and shall be fulfilled by the agreed deadline.

2.3. OFFER

2.3.1. Clients can send their inquiries to, using inquiry forms (“Ask us”) about the product of interest or they can call and ask.
2.3.2. A relevant offer will be e-mailed to the Client within two business days.
2.3.3. The offer will be valid for 30 days unless specified otherwise.
2.3.4. Any offer in respect to sales prices will be valid until the respective discounted products are out of stock.


3.1. Upon the dispatch, the Client will receive a separate e-mail. We advise our Clients that they give us an e-mail address that they check regularly. We also suggest that our Clients check their junk-mail to which our automatic e-mail may be redirected.
3.2. Normally our Clients shall cover the cost of delivery unless agreed otherwise in writing.
3.3. The deliveries will be made up to the first lockable doors on the ground level. If a cargo vehicle cannot stop close to the entrance of the building, the delivery will be made up to the closest road or driveway that is physically accessible. Clients should inform us in a timely manner about any known blockages or other factors that may obstruct our deliveries.
3.4. The Client shall ensure that the products are received in the agreed location and are inspected in order to make sure that no damage has been caused to them due to transportation. Detaining the driver without any valid reason may result in additional charges to the Client.  
3.5. The Client shall be responsible for unloading the products from the cargo vehicle. If the Client fails to fulfill this obligation, he or she will have to bear all costs related to such unloading. “LIGNAU,” SIA shall not be responsible for unloading the delivered goods.
3.6. Any delivery date or time period indicated shall be regarded as an estimate only and “LIGNAU,” SIA will not cover any damages caused to the Client directly or indirectly if the actual delivery occurs later than estimated.
3.7. “LIGNAU,” SIA shall not be held liable if threats of war, terrorism, declared or undeclared war activities, quarantine, riots, strikes, natural calamities and/or other force majeure circumstances make any product delivery impossible.
3.8. “LIGNAU,” SIA may refuse to deliver products to the location that the Client has indicated if the location is known to be unsafe for delivery transport.
3.9. In the event the Client causes the forwarding company to delay delivery and the forwarder invoices the Client for the delay, the Client shall recognize the invoice and pay it.
3.10. The driver shall be entitled to refuse to unload products if the Client or the Client’s authorized representative is not present at the place of delivery at the time when a receipt certification must be signed.  The Client shall cover all additional costs arising from such failure.
3.11. If the Client provides notice of changes in the address of delivery 24 hours after the notification about the dispatch has been sent to him or her, the Client shall cover the additional costs per each kilometer due to the change of the route.
3.12. After the products are delivered, it shall be Client’s responsibility to ensure that the products are stored properly. Timber products designed for interior works shall be stored in premises of relative air humidity within the range of 45-60%.
3.13. The Client must accept the delivered products. If the Client refuses to accept the delivery, the Client shall cover all additional expenses arising from his or her refusal.
3.14. If the Client chooses to bear the responsibility of delivering the products, the Client shall also bear the risk related with such delivery.
3.15. If a purchase is delivered in several batches, each batch shall be regarded as a separate delivery performed under a separate contract.
3.16. Clients outside the EU shall be responsible for paying all relevant fees and taxes, and other import-related costs.
3.17. The VAT of 0% will be applied to the goods purchased by legal persons that can prove to have a valid EU VAT number.


4.1. All prices are indicated in EUR currency with VAT 21% included.
4.2.  “LIGNAU,” SIA shall be legally liable for a purchase or order made once “LIGNAU,” SIA has sent a confirmation of the acceptance of the purchase order to the Client’s e-mail.
4.3. The Client will receive an invoice, an advance invoice or an order confirmation from “LIGNAU,” SIA. Payments can be made by bank transfer or by PayPal. Other payment types could be possible if previously discussed and agreed upon.
4.4. The amount indicated in the purchase/order confirmation shall be transferred to the seller’s bank account within 7 business days.
4.5. If a Client fails to fulfill his or her obligation to pay in time, the delivery schedule may get changed or the contract can be annulled.
4.6. A Client will be informed immediately if the product is no longer available. Should the Client have already paid for the goods, the paid amount will be returned.
4.7. The title of the all delivered goods will be transferred from “LIGNAU,” SIA to the Client only after the Client has paid for the goods in full.
4.8. If the Client fails to pay for the goods at all, “LIGNAU,” SIA shall be entitled to regain the respective goods from the Client even if they are fixed or mounted into a structure or otherwise processed.
4.9. “LIGNAU,” SIA can at their discretion suspend or terminate any product delivery if a Client fails to pay or perform other obligations under the contract.


5.1. Each timber sample has a unique texture and tint which is why the end result cannot be precisely modeled. The graphics available on the internet also are only to give an idea about what the end result could be, however the actual end result may differ from the graphics. Photo cameras and screens may not be able to display the real colors completely.
5.2. The Client shall personally receive the goods, inspect their condition and amount. The Client shall be fully responsible for authorizing other persons to represent him or her to accept the goods.  
5.3. The Client shall check the products against the delivery notes which the Client shall then sign. The Client shall inspect the goods immediately after their receipt in order to see if they have not become defective or damaged during transportation. If any defects or damage are found, the Client shall describe them in writing on delivery notes – on both copies, and request that the forwarder confirms them by signing the description – on both copies. In addition, the defect and/or damage shall be documented photographically.
5.4. Any complaint regarding damage caused by transportation shall be e-mailed to with photographs attached within 24 hours.
5.5. Complaints of other nature can be e-mailed to within 14 days.
5.6. The product on which a complaint has been sent to “LIGNAU,” SIA should not be changed without a prior written consent of “LIGNAU,” SIA. The product should not be processed. A written permission from “LIGNAU,” SIA should be obtained before any changes to the product are commenced.
5.7. Damaged products can be replaced only if the damaged products have been returned. No replacement will be ensured if the damaged products are returned processed or fixed together, or if they are mounted into a structure or disposed of.
5.8. “LIGNAU,” SIA shall not be held liable for any slight negligence and consequences arising from such.
5.9. “LIGNAU,” SIA shall be entitled to decide whether the returned product should be repaired, changed or replaced. No attempts to negotiate the value of the product or incur other changes to the contract will be supported.
5.10. The Client shall notify “LIGNAU,” SIA by sending an e-mail to within 5 days if the goods have not been delivered by the provisional date indicated in the notice of dispatch.


6.1. The Client shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract and return the products within 14 days from the day on which they have been delivered. The written notice on withdrawing shall be sent to:
Kr.Valdemāra iela 1A
LV-2150 Sigulda

6.2. The funds paid by the Client will be returned to him or her only after the returned goods are received and inspected at the “LIGNAU,” SIA warehouse.
6.3. The payment shall be returned to the Client within 5 business days from the day on which the goods are received in the “LIGNAU,” SIA warehouse.  
6.4. In the event a Client refuses to accept the goods, the Client shall bear all expenses related with returning the goods unless they are not compliant with the relevant purchase order. The cost of returing the goods is equal to the cost of their delivery.
6.5. The products that have been custom made based on client’s specification of measurements, surface finishing, tints, profiles and other features that are not included in the standard offer of “LIGNAU,” SIA shown on the internet store or other internet sites selling the products of “LIGNAU,” SIA shall not be a subject of a compensated return.
6.6. Return of goods will be accepted only if they are returned in their original packaging. No returned product will be accepted if it has been previously used, for instance, if it has been glued, fastened with screws or made to be a part of some structure. The returned product will not be accepted if damaged or dirty.
6.7. Timber products are natural products and therefore it is ever so important to know their natural properties and qualities. We recommend that the client considers all biological, physical and chemical properties of timber upon purchasing our products, and especially while storing and using them.